1. We help our customers through our experience and expertise gained over the years
2. We are available at all times for problem‐solving advice
3. We offer our own innovations on specific areas within the process industry
4. We are very well informed about actual market developments
5. We inform the process industry solicited and unsolicited on findings, opinions and trends in favor of quality and productivity


1. We are approachable and responsive to all our customers
2. Our products are easy to use
3. We respond to the complex needs of our clients with clever solutions
4. Our insights are detailed and custom made in line with our customer’s needs


1. We provide specialist solutions for a variety of our customers’ problems
2. We work with different companies to reach original solutions
3. We are driven by curiosity and confidence in technical progress
4. We innovate continuously
5. We develop markets by our original view of reality


1. We keep ourselves constantly informed about developments in the process industry
2. We are leading in the thought provision on quality
3. We overcome challenges and provide answers
4. We explore grounds no one can imagine

Providing Insights

1. We are not bound to any supplier and give independent advice
2. We offer data, tools and services that enable our customers to make intelligent decisions
3. We dare to stand for ground‐breaking solutions
4. We are always in search of the truth to give an accurate and real‐life view of the market