The idea of an online tank terminal database was born early in the new millennium in the shadow of Europe’s largest port city Rotterdam, Hoogvliet. At that time there was hardly any structured information available in one single source about independent tank storage assets in certain significant oil trading hubs and ports let alone on a global structured scale.

One of the founding fathers of the company, Rob Luijendijk, started gathering and storing information on tank storage companies in just a simple spreadsheet. Through good-old fashioned pioneering and the right connections the database slowly grew. Moreover, the company started to grow with new employees joining the team.

After a few years, around 2006, the database information was further commercialized. First in a simple .net version but soon afterwards TankTerminals.com was introduced. There was enough critical mass in the database to roll out this product on a global scale which resulted in healthy cash flows.

In 2014, TankTerminals.com came in contact with PJK International, led by Patrick Kulsen, which resulted in a change of ownership. This process was officially finalized in December 2016. The quantitative analysis skills of PJK International combined with TankTerminals.com’s global footprint offers a strong business combination with complementary products and services. Since 2017, TankTerminals.com resides in Breda, the Netherlands.