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Clear the vessel in under 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

Terminal operators know that time is of the essence when a vessel needs to be cleared. Customers have indicated that they need the information within 30 minutes. As a terminal operator, you need our fully-automated Vessel Clearing Tool to help you do just that – clear the vessel in under 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

About Vessel Clearing Tool

The pressures on global supply chains have reached an all-time high. Every link in the supply chain has to seamlessly and effortlessly connect to the next link to save time and money. The decision whether or not to charter a vessel relies heavily on ship/terminal compatibility. For traders, the speed at which they receive vetting feedback impacts their decision to make or leave a deal. But as an operator you know there is more at stake. Like the potential for possibly grave safety incidents. Cutting corners can cost you much more than just money…

This is why you need the fully-automated Vessel Clearing Tool from Implementing the tool means that your terminal can eliminate time-consuming manual clearance processes that can easily be marred with human error, are based on outdated terminal databases, and leave you and your terminal prone to potentially major safety incidents.


Configuration and Support from

To implement the Vessel Clearing Tool, Terminal Operators simply need to provide input on Terminal Restrictions and applicable vetting standards. will support this process. The system will be configured with this input. After testing and acceptance, the Vessel Clearing Tool system can be released and used.

Blacklisting and Sanction Control

Vessels can be checked if any sanctions on the vessel’s owner apply or if the vessel has been at ports that are prohibited. The system can be configured to flag and reject any vessels that have a high sanction risk. Furthermore, the terminal has the option to blacklist vessels, which would also prevent the vessel from being cleared. This will act as a filter to only allow vessels at your terminal that you want to receive.

Automated Vessel clearing process

By automating the clearing process, errors are reduced to an absolute minimum and the process can be done in seconds any time, any place. The process is simple, efficient and completely flexible.

Access and Availability 24/7

Fully updated clearance functionality and vessel data is always at your fingertips any hour of the day. Completely flexible for you and your customers and a vessel clearance report in just seconds!

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