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Digitize your ISGOTT 6 Ship Shore Safety Checklist

Are you still doing your ISGOTT 6 Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL) on paper? Or do you struggle with a primitive user unfriendly digital system? In both cases the risk of human errors is high. The arrival of ISGOTT 6 with its required pre-arrival information exchange is the best moment for you to finally adopt a superior Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL) system. Register safety checks, streamline communications and share documents between all relevant parties. All in one built-for-purpose and easy to use system!

About our SSSCL System

As a terminal operator you are required to document safety checks via the Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL). As of ISGOTT 6 a part of this information exchange is required pre-arrival! There needs to be a pre-transfer conference between the ship’s rep and the terminal rep to formalize agreements related to operations and safety of discharging and loading. And there are new additional requirements that lead to increased need for administration and documentation.’s SSSCL System digitizes the whole SSSCL and pre-arrival information exchange to make it more efficient, less prone to human error and much easier to operate. On top of that our integrated document management and communication system also facilitates filing of related documentation. It will also show relevant communication in one place so everybody is up-to-date, removing the need of sending hundreds of emails and phone calls. What used to be an error prone nuisance to you and the ship’s rep now becomes a safe comfortable digital procedure. What’s more with our system your operations are fully ISGOTT 6 compliant and future proof.

Eliminate risk of paper process

Paper is risky and time consuming

For years you have been doing the Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL) manually. Maybe you have already adopted a primitive user unfriendly digital system. Both are prone to human error and therefore very risky. What about simple errors due to bad handwriting? With the time pressure of minimizing turn-around-time for a vessel it is an unnecessary loss of time to manually input the terminal and vessel data.

Pre-arrival information exchange

ISGOTT 6 requires part of the information exchange to be pre-arrival. Therefore the time to migrate to a user friendly digital system with workflow management is now!’s SSSCL System has been adapted so that the vessel has multiple options to submit its pre-arrival information. A bad internet connection and using pdf-forms are no problem. The system facilitates exchange and digital storage of any related documentation that used to be very hard to file.

Implementation by will implement the SSSCL System and integrate all your requirements in the new system. We have managed to make our system lean, user friendly and extremely efficient. In this way we are able to keep our annual subscription price considerably lower (up to 50%) than that of any competitor. To make a try out even more attractive, you can always cancel the subscription without any costs.

Access and Availability 24/7 offers a strong customer support that is always ready to assist you. You will get going easily and safely and have 24/7 access throughout the subscription period. We are confident you will love our system and support and will stay onboard with us!

Stop using paper checklists and comply with ISGOTT 6!

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