About Us

Insights Global is a new name with long history and experience.

The company was born out of the merger between PJK International and TankTerminals.com. Two Dutch companies that have grown a solid reputation within the international oil and chemicals industry.

We are a market research company. Our employees collect information, report market data, analyze markets, give advice and educate people.

We are a company on a mission. A mission to improve markets – petroleum and chemicals markets specifically, by informing our clients and enabling them to make intelligent decisions.

We want you to have a clear picture, we aim to bring transparency and rationality in a world full of uncertainty, emotions, rapid change and biased information.

It is our absolute duty to deliver top notch service. Our Data, Analysis, Consultancy and Training services are based on scientific methods, sophisticated tools and an imaginative approach.

Our conclusions are always data-driven. At the same time, we are connected with people in the markets, on the ground, to get the details that matter, to have a sanity check in place. All our efforts are aimed at providing insights, to help you understand markets and guide you on your way to success, away from failure, by giving the information you need to make the right choices.