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The tank terminal sector’s corporate finance business is very active. Generally speaking there are a lot of M&A deals going on. Unfortunately competition for terminal assets is quite fierce. There are strategic players like terminal operators or oil traders that want to buy tank storage assets to support their business goals. On the other hand there are investment funds that are attracted to the terminal business because of their stable revenues and margins. They consider these assets as infrastructure assets that have a low risk profile.

You need to be successful in your investing by keeping your due diligence costs low and regularly winning assets with a suitable return on investment. So if you’re considering investing in terminal assets and taking part in bidding processes you better be prepared. In our view a successful bid ends in two ways: 1) You exit the bidding process as soon as possible to limit costs. This might be as the asset doesn’t fit your portfolio or because the owner is asking a too high price or because the assets has a high risk profile. 2) You go all the way and win the asset at the right price.

Understanding the terminal’s location, infrastructure, activity level, its competitive environment and having an overview of relevant news are key to being successful. You absolutely need this data to determine portfolio fit, specific risks and the asset’s economic value. This means that you need access to information on the terminal’s location, infrastructure and logistical performance. Furthermore you need to be able to identify competitors and be able to compare the terminal to these competitors. has all the data you need in one tool. With this tool you have the most accurate and complete data publicly available at a very competitive price. This combination enables you to assess investment opportunities quick and easy without needing to spend a lot of money. also has a flexible subscription model. If you only need some data you can get a low cost PREMIUM subscription where you can download data or terminal fact sheets on a pay per view basis. If you are a more demanding used than it’s better to go for a PRO subscription where you get full access to the database including add-ons like: 1) Terminal Infrastructure benchmarking (included in PRO), 2) Market Share analysis (included in PRO), 3) Tank capacity evolution and projections (paid add-on); 4) Logistical performance benchmarking (paid add-on)

Subscribers also get access to the consultants of INSIGHTS GLOBAL, who will provide a free of charge teaser analysis if needed. You can find more information on the subscriptions on the Get Access pages.

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With our database tools your are able to see regional terminals and filter them according to products stored, access modes and other key characteristics. This enables you to analyze and segment markets so that you understand the competitive arena applicable to the asset at hand.

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With our benchamarking tools you can compare terminals in order to determine relevant differences in infrastructure, logistical performance, tank capacity evolution and tank capacity projection.

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ur database incorporates all relevant terminal details. You can review these details in a terminal fact-sheet where the data is displayed in an intuitive and clear way. If you require the raw data, you can use our download tool.

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We can help you get an overview of the terminal landscape. Our database comprises of more than 4,900 tank terminal facilities worldwide. The extensive data collection consists of all independent terminals and many captive terminals. Using the advanced search terminals can be filtered according to various characteristics like products stored, tank type, access modes, status (existing terminal, expanding terminal and more) and vessel requirements like draft, LOA and beam. This makes it really easy to segment terminals so you are able to understand what terminals are in the same market.
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Our benchmarking tool makes it easy to compare one or more terminals with another set of terminals. You can make a comparison based on infrastructural characteristics and logistical performance indicators. Infrastructural characteristics used in the benchmarking tool are tank capacity, number of berths, number of tanks and tank sizes. Logistical performance indicators used in the benchmarking tool are gross trade, ship visits, berth occupancy, average duration and tank turns. This comparison or benchmarking exercise offers insights on a terminal’s position in the competitive landscape or can be used to assess logistical performance of a specific terminal compared to other market participants.

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You are able to find all relevant details of each tank terminal in our tool on the terminal fact sheet. We provide data on location, tank capacity, tank sizes and number of tanks, products stored, access modes, terminal and manager contact details. With the Logistical Performance Benchmarking add-on you also get access to logistical performance indicators such as berth occupancy, throughput, number of ship visits, ship size details and tank turns. This data is available per berth and consolidated per terminal.
The extensive database from TankTerminals helped me a lot to chart the tank storage market in the port of Antwerp as well as in the surrounding ports.
Bart Verreth, Market Analyst
-Antwerp Port Authority has allowed us to have all the information we need to understand the target market and to stay competitive.
Nikki Desantis
-ARS Recycling Systems
We have been using for several years as the most complete and reliable source for information about tank terminals.
Ronald Backers, Advisor Business Intelligence
-Port of Rotterdam