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Offer, bid and book tank capacity globally. Quick and easy.

Both terminal operators and clients of terminals know that the current commercial process of matching available tank capacity with tank demand is rather inefficient and slow. The Terminal Marketplace changes that by making it much easier to spot available capacity, enquire for tank capacity, bid, offer or book tank capacity.

About Terminal Marketplace

The Terminal Marketplace is a digital market platform used by a growing community of terminal operators, traders, oil majors and chemical producers to make it much easier to do business. Via the platform you can offer as well as rent tank storage capacity. It will provide you with transparency on available capacity, bids and offers, and it allows you to book capacity quick and easy. It is our mission to make the tank terminal market more efficient so that more business is done and assets are utilized to the highest degree.

Matrix Global Partnership

We have teamed up with Matrix Global, the leading provider of auction services for the Midstream storage sector. Now, you can visit Matrix Global’s Terminal Marketplace website to buy and sell storage at terminals worldwide through our Terminal Marketplace platform.


Terminal Marketplace

The terminal marketplace is an electronic platform where buyers and sellers of tank capacity can go to any time they want to bid, offer and close deals. Terminal business made easy!


In certain situations an auction process can be even more suited to sell tank capacity. The big difference between the Terminal Marketplace and an auction is the timing of the bidding process. An auction takes place at a certain date and time and during this period bids can be submitted, whereas in the Terminal Marketplace bids and offers can be made at any point in time.

Tank Availability ads (released end Q4 2021)

All Terminal Marketplace offers and Auctions will be visible in TankTerminals.com as an availability advert. This gives fantastic visibility. Additionally, the terminal can also opt to display an Availability Advert without providing the option to actually transact on the Terminal Marketplace. Via the Tank Availability Adverts potential clients of terminals and terminals operators can get into contact and close the deal outside of TankTerminals.com.

Tank Enquiries (released end Q4 2021)

If you are looking for tank capacity but you can’t find the right match in the Tank Ads or on the Terminals Marketplace don’t worry! You can create a Tank Enquiry where you specify what you need. The system will update you as soon as something that fits your needs is added to the Terminal Marketplace. Additionally a matching engine will select, based on your specifications, suited terminals and notify them of your enquiry. If they want business they will contact you!

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