TotalEnergies Unveils Texas Chemical Recycling Startup in Latest Report
02.01.2024 By Tank Terminals - NEWS

February 01, 2024 [Chem Analyst News]- TotalEnergies, a French energy company with a significant presence in Houston, has marked a transformative milestone with the official launch of its chemical recycling facility in La Porte, Texas. This development represents a crucial step forward in the production of sustainable polymers.


The facility is now actively engaged in the manufacturing of “sustainably certified polymers suitable for a wide range of applications, including food-grade packaging,” according to TotalEnergies. The La Porte campus, strategically located about 25 miles from Houston, is proudly recognized by the company as one of the world’s largest virgin polypropylene sites.

In a groundbreaking achievement, TotalEnergies has successfully executed the conversion of feedstocks derived from plastic scrap into circular polymers at its polypropylene (PP) plant in La Porte. This marks a historic first for such a process in the United States. The feedstock was sourced from an “ISCC Plus certified advanced recycling facility” situated in Tyler, Texas, operated by New Hope Energy. Subsequent to this, the feedstock underwent conversion into monomers at the BASF TotalEnergies Petrochemicals (BTP) facility. The BTP facility is a joint venture between BASF and TotalEnergies, located in Port Arthur, Texas. The resulting material was then transported to the La Porte PP facility, where it underwent the transformation into circular polymers.

TotalEnergies underscores its dedication to sustainability by emphasizing that both the La Porte and BTP facilities received their International Sustainability & Carbon (ISCC) Plus certification in 2022. This certification serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices, aligning with global sustainability standards.

As part of its comprehensive strategic initiatives, TotalEnergies has entered into a multi-year agreement with New Hope Energy. This strategic collaboration outlines that New Hope Energy will supply TotalEnergies with petrochemical feedstock derived from plastics, facilitating the production of recycled polymers. New Hope Energy utilizes a patented pyrolysis technology, developed in collaboration with Lummus Technology, to effectively process and convert mixed plastic scrap into valuable feedstock.

This significant accomplishment in the United States follows TotalEnergies’ successful production of circular polymers through advanced recycling in Europe. It symbolizes a noteworthy stride in the company’s commitment to meeting the escalating global demand for innovative and sustainable plastics. Looking ahead, TotalEnergies has set an ambitious goal to produce 1 million tons of circular polymers annually by 2030, aligning with its overarching commitment to environmental sustainability and circular economy principles.

The collaboration and supply agreement between TotalEnergies and New Hope Energy emerge as a critical and strategic step in realizing New Hope’s vision of establishing pyrolysis projects at a scale that can significantly enhance the nation’s plastic recycling performance. This partnership underscores the imperative of driving technological advancements and promoting sustainable practices within the petrochemical industry. It contributes to fostering a more circular and environmentally conscious approach to plastic production and recycling, reinforcing the industry’s role in addressing global sustainability challenges.


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