Pharmco’s New Kinder Morgan Tanks Now Fully Operational
06.07.2019 - NEWS

June 07, 2019 [Bulk Transporter] – Pharmco, a brand of Toronto, Canada-based Greenfield Global, says its new dedicated storage tanks at the Kinder Morgan Terminal in Carteret NJ now are fully operational.

The terminal provides 800,000 gallons of dedicated storage for Pharmco’s non-GMO sugar cane alcohol. The tanks represent an 800% increase from the company’s previous capacity and are the most substantial storage tanks for non-GMO cane verified by the non-GMO Project in North America, Pharmco said.
Customers have trusted the Pharmco brand of non-GMO sugar cane alcohol for over five years,” said Greenfield Global’s Frank Richards, executive vice president and managing director for Specialty Chemicals and Ingredients. “The decision to expand our supply chain capabilities in the United States is driven by our continued internal push to be at the foreground of where our customers business needs are, and help them succeed in new and more significant markets.
Our existing specialty chemical and ingredients business and the demand for our non-GMO sugar cane alcohol is growing significantly. This investment satisfies the growing demand by our existing customers and addresses the needs of prospective customers. Expanding our footprint helps us mitigate customer supply risks, eliminates business interruptions, and ensures we can provide our food, flavor and personal care customers with the best products and service possible.
Pharmco is one of the largest importers of Non-GMO cane alcohol in the United States. The terminal is the only one of its kind on the East Coast, Pharmco said, and provides the company with dedicated outbound capabilities by railcar or truck direct to its customers and packaging hubs.
Since being announced in February 2019, the tanks are filled, and shipments have begun going out to customers, the company said.


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