Marathon Considers Building NGL Storage Hub In Harrison County, OH
03.25.2019 - NEWS

March 25, 2019 [Shale Directories] – Some major news coming from yesterday’s Utica Midstream conference held in North Canton, Ohio. A rep from Marathon Petroleum (which is based in Ohio) told conference attendees his company is contemplating building an underground NGL storage facility in Harrison County, OH–to store ethane, butane and propane.


From the ace reporters at Kallanish Energy: Ohio-based Marathon Petroleum is exploring the possibility of an underground liquids storage facility in eastern Ohio’s Utica Shale, Kallanish Energy reports. The company is looking at utilizing underground salt caverns for ethane, butane and propane storage, said Jason Stechschulte, commercial development manager for Marathon Pipe Line LLC.

The site would be near the company’s Hopedale fractionation facility in Harrison County. Core samplings in 2018 The company last year conducted core sampling and the site has potential, he said Thursday at the day-long Utica Midstream conference sponsored by the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce and Shale Directories.

The event drew roughly 130 people to Walsh University in North Canton. Marathon is talking with potential customers, but there are no firm plans, price estimates or timetables, Stechschulte said. Any timetable would be driven by customer interest and permitting, he said. He described the plan as a “multi-year project.”

No applications have been filed for the project, except for the coring work done in 2018. Provides a ‘solution’ What the company is envisioning is a storage facility that would provide a solution for the entire industry in the Appalachian Basin, he said. Natural gas liquids would be stored under pressure with the ethane, butane and propane all being segregated in different salt caverns, he said. The facility would be close to numerous pipelines in the area where Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania come together. S

torage is needed as Shell Appalachia continues to build its ethane cracker plant at Monaca, Pennsylvania, northwest of Pittsburgh. Waiting on PTT PTT Global Chemical is still looking at building a similar cracker at Dilles Bottom in Ohio’s Belmont County. A final investment decision has been expected for some time.

A private company, Colorado-based Mountaineer NGL Storage, hopes to develop a storage facility in salt caverns at Clarington in Ohio’s Monroe County. It would be designed to handle up to 3.5 million barrels of natural gas liquids. Natural gas liquids are also flowing via pipelines to eastern Pennsylvania for export.

In addition to the big news of a possible new NGL storage hub, comes some littler (but also important) news: Marathon is just about done working on expanding its Rio Pipeline to move more Utica NGLs (primarily butane and isobutane) to Midwestern markets: Rio work wrapping up In other news, Marathon Pipeline is completing the finishing touches to expanding its Rio Pipeline to move Utica Shale liquids from Lima, Ohio, to Robinson, Illinois.

That required adding three pumping stations on the 250-mile, eight-inch line. Stechschulte told the audience the pipeline will move roughly 55,000 barrels per day, starting within the next 10 days. The company is also working to move Utica normal butane and isobutane to refineries and storage in the Midwest, a project that will be completed by mid-2020.

The two projects together will cost Marathon about $150 million, he said. The company is also looking at a possible arrangement to move Utica liquids from Cadiz and Scio in eastern Ohio, to Bells Run on the Ohio River for river transport, he said. That might be an arranged in cooperation with EnLink Midstream


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