Hydrogenious LOHC Receives IPCEI Notification for Green H2 Project
02.19.2024 By Tank Terminals - NEWS

February 19, 2024 [H2 Tech]- Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies announced that its project Green Hydrogen@Blue Danube has been officially notified by the European Commission of the European Union within the framework of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) H2.


Green Hydrogen@Blue Danube focuses on the use of the LOHC benzyltoluene as a carrier for the safe and efficient transport of green H2 to supply industrial offtakers in the Danube region. To achieve this, a ReleasePLANT sized to supply and release approximately 1,000 tpy−2,000 tpy of green H2 from LOHC will be constructed near the Danube to create an early hub for green H2 supply in Bavaria.

The project is an important milestone for Hydrogenious and will play a key role in the ramp-up of the European H2 market in the coming years, enabling safe and efficient green H2 supply chains within the EU. Green Hydrogen@Blue Danube is part of the IPCEI “Hy2Infra” wave, following the IPCEI “Hy2Tech” and “Hy2Use” waves, which were notified in 2022.

Hy2Infra has been jointly prepared and notified by seven Member States: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia. Within this wave, 32 companies will participate in 33 projects – 24 of which are in Germany.

The German federal government and its states plan to invest about €4.6 B in the German IPCEI H2 infrastructure projects. The companies will invest about €3.4 B of private funds, bringing the total investment in Germany to about €8 B.

Dr Daniel Teichmann, CEO and founder of Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies said, “We are very happy about the EU Commission’s decision to officially notify Green Hydrogen@Blue Danube. It underlines the importance of LOHC technology for the ramp-up of the European H2 economy and the funding will accelerate and secure the implementation of the project. We are working tirelessly, together with our partners and in close coordination with other IPCEI H2 projects, to make the much-needed energy transition and decarbonization of European industries a reality.”

Robert Habeck, German Federal Minister said, “The projects in the Hy2Infra wave are important building blocks for ramping up the H2 economy in Germany and Europe. I am delighted that the European Commission has now granted the State aid approval. The German government recognizes the importance of strengthening the German H2 economy along the entire value chain to enable a rapid market ramp-up. Germany and the other participating Member States can now move on swiftly to implementation phase with the companies.”

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President in charge of competition policy said, “While the renewable H2 supply chain in Europe is still in a nascent phase, Hy2Infra will deploy the initial building blocks of an integrated and open renewable H2 network. This IPCEI will establish the first regional infrastructure clusters in several Member States and prepare the ground for future interconnections across Europe, in line with the European H2 Strategy. This will support the market ramp-up of renewable H2 supply and take us steps closer to making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.”


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