Green Marine Fuels Trading Collaborates With Vopak For Green Methanol
06.13.2024 By Tank Terminals - NEWS

June 13, 2024 [Tank Storage]- Green Marine Fuels Trading has announced a collaboration with Royal Vopak Terminals for green methanol port storage facilities in the key ports of Shanghai Caojing and Tianjin Lingang, China.

This milestone agreement marks the next phase of methanol supply chain infrastructure expansion for Green Marine Fuels Trading, securing necessary port storage capacity to accommodate projected supply of green methanol from Chinese business partners. Green Marine Group will be undertaking a similar cooperation plan with Vopak Singapore.

Gavin McGrath, Director at Green Marine, says: ‘This is an important milestone in the evolution of Green Marine Fuels Trading and further underscores our preparedness to supply green methanol to the imminent green transition within the shipping industry. Our leadership in the global methanol marine fuel sector uniquely positions us to bridge the gap between methanol producers and buyers, with storage and supply infrastructure being a crucial link in the chain. We eagerly anticipate leveraging our expertise in these domains to enrich the Shanghai and Tianjin green port and marine fuel ecosystems.’

As the world’s leading third-party terminal storage operator, Vopak aims to help the world flow forward by accelerating its portfolio investments towards new energies and sustainable feedstocks. Vopak (China) Management Company is the management company of Vopak Group in China and North Asia, which has already established terminals with a capacity of more than 3 million m3 in China’s major coastal provinces.

In the process of energy transition of maritime industry, Vopak China expects to leverage existing facilities, supply chain expertise and terminal network to help business partners and clients accelerate the low-carbon energy transition. The LOI shows the desired collaboration between Vopak China and Green Marine, for the purpose of Green Marine securing storage facilities for green methanol in the ports of Tianjin Lingang terminal and Shanghai Caojing terminal from Vopak China. is a market research platform with operational, infrastructural and contact details of more than +8,500 tank terminals and +5,000 production facilities.

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A total of 23 Shanghai tank terminals and production facilities are listed in TankTerminals .com

Tank terminals: 18. Petroleum refineries: 1. Olefin plants: 1. Chemical sites: 2. Other sites: 1.

We list here 10 Shanghai terminals with a direct link to access their data.

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