Emerson Announces Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
11.10.2023 By Tank Terminals - NEWS

November 11, 2023 [Tank Storage Magazine]- Emerson has announced the introduction of the Micro Motion G-Series line of Coriolis mass flow and density meters.


The Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis flow and density meter offers the same level of quality and reliability as standard designs, in a much smaller and lighter form factor. Compared to traditional volumetric flow meters, it provides direct mass flow measurement, immunity of process temperature/pressure changes and advanced process and health diagnostics.

Emerson has also introduced the Micro Motion 4700 Coriolis transmitter, adding new capabilities for use with its Micro Motion family of Coriolis flow meters.

The transmitter can be retrofitted to most existing Micro Motion sensors, and ordered with all new meters, including the new Micro Motion G-Series.

The combination of these two new products provides a solution for chemical and other industrial applications.

Micro Motion G-Series Flow and Density Meter

Micro Motion G-Series flow meters are ideal for chemical plants that need to improve safety, reduce energy use, and minimise emissions.

They are available with pressure equipment directive (PED), Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 and SIL3 certification, and are designed to meet NAMUR NE 132 guidelines.

Hygienic models will also be available in the first half of 2024 for food and beverage, life sciences, and other applications where 3-A or European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) certification is required.


Micro Motion 4700 Config I/O Coriolis Transmitter

The Micro Motion 4700 Coriolis transmitter provides a retrofit adapter solution to replace the legacy transmitter in existing installations.

Once installed, the transmitter will automatically interface with the existing flow meter, adding capabilities just as if it were a new application. The transmitter is compatible with all Micro Motion ELITE® (CMF and CMFS), F-Series, H-Series, R-Series, T-Series, HPC-Series, and the new G-Series Coriolis flow meters.

The transmitter adds many new capabilities, including a Bluetooth connectivity option, which provides wireless communications at distances up to 50 feet (15 metres) between the transmitter and Emerson’s AMS Device Configurator.

The process industry can rely on Emerson’s robust equipment and expertise, leveraging these two products individually or together to enhance both operational efficiency and equipment maintenance programmes.


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