EACOP Announces the Delivery of First 100 Km of Line Pipe
12.14.2023 By Tank Terminals - NEWS

December 14, 2023 [World Pipelines]- The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) announces the arrival at the port of Dar es Salaam of the first shipment of 100 km of line pipe, signalling the initiation of the main construction phase for this cross-border pipeline project.


An event to mark the occasion was held today between EACOP’s Shareholders, at the storage yard operated by EACOP’s Tanzanian Logistics partner, SuperDoll.

EACOP will transport crude oil from the Lake Albert region of Uganda to the Chongoleani peninsula near Tanga in Tanzania, where it can access world markets. The project represents a major inward investment in Uganda and Tanzania.

EACOP is focussed on ensuring that its activities adhere to the most stringent social, environmental and safety standards. The onward transportation of pipes to their point of use will be conducted using new, high specification, trucks and trailers. The project has also invested in extensive driver training, focusing on defensive driving practices, route planning, and compliance with road regulations.

The best available technology has been incorporated for line pipe lifting operations. Vacuum lifting and ‘roborigging’ are employed to ensure that personnel are kept out of the ‘line of fire’ during lifting operations.

As the on the ground construction of this 1443 km pipeline progresses, EACOP remains committed to delivering this project with the utmost responsibility, contributing to the sustainable growth and prosperity of East Africa.


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