Digitize Your ISGOTT 6 Safety Checklist and Streamline Your Operations
01.17.2022 - NEWS

January 17, 2022 [TankTerminals.com] – Safety is key, digitizing operations will contribute

In previous version of this FETSA newsletter we made the case that safety in the tank terminal sector is extremely important. As a company you’re handling dangerous liquid products so you must take absolute care to ensure that nothing goes wrong. As such a common set of procedures to ensure that all parties along the supply chain work together in a safe manner is key.

The ISGOTT standards made by the OCIMF have specifically been updated recently to improve safety and information exchange between vessels and terminals. ISGOTT version 6 is now being implemented across the industry.

One of the key changes in this new standard is that terminal and vessel need to exchange information before the ship arrives. This was never the case and the various safety checklists and terminal information booklets could be handed over after the ship moored. It was and in many cases it still is common practice to hand over these documents as hardcopy.

But the new ISGOTT 6 standard prescribes that such information needs to be sent over to and from the ship before it arrives at the terminal. The only way to do this is via digital means. This presents a big opportunity to digitize the whole information exchange before and during operations!

Benefits of digitizing operations

Benefits of digitizing operations are numerous. Because information is received well in advance of vessel arrival the planning and operations team at terminals have more time to study the situation. Any special circumstances can be identified and related personnel can be made aware and instructed how to cope with this.

Furthermore during operations the substitution of paperwork by a digital platform makes the organization much more agile to react to changing situations. Apart from making operations safer, which is the main objective, the side effect will be that operations will become much more efficient.

Turn-around-times at the berth are also likely to go down because coordination between vessel, terminal, agent, surveyor and other relevant parties is improved. Now hundreds of emails go back and forth between these parties. Having a central platform to streamline communication and document exchange makes these emails a thing of the past.

Safety Check Lists, Communication and Document Management in one platform

At TankTerminals.com we have the mission to improve liquid bulk industries through tools that support intelligent decisions. Having adequate and timely information on the planned visit of a vessel and being able to streamline communications and document exchange via a digital platform fits perfectly in this mission.

In cooperation with a number of leading terminal operators we are currently developing such tools that support this process and increase information exchange. Via the tool ships, terminals, agents and surveyors will exchange information in a much more efficient and effective manner. Better decisions will be made, making operations run smoother, faster and safer.

The tool will be integrated with our automated Vessel Clearing Tool and in the TankTerminals.com platform and is planned to be available before the end of 2021.

If you have any questions after reading this article about improving your logistical processes, please contact our CEO Patrick Kulsen (pkulsen@insights-global.com). For information on the Vessel Clearing Tool or the TankTerminals.com platform please visit www.tankterminals.com.

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