Botlek Tank Terminal Handles Half a Million Tons by Rail
07.22.2015 - NEWS

July 22, 2015 [Botlek Tank Terminal B.V.] - Just over two years latter, on the 21st of July 2015, BTT has reached the milestone of half a million tonnes handled by rail. On the second of April 2013 Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT) loaded the first train.

In the past two years various customers have used the new rail loading and discharge facility. The new facility is part of BTT’s vision to provide all modes of transport and is a response to growing customer demand for rail transport. The rack will initially be used to handle block trains with biodiesel but also palm and soybean oil have already been loaded from BTT’s tanks. The facility can also be used for other vegetable oils like sunflower and rapeseed oil . In future the facility can also be expanded to handle other oil products such as aviation fuels, gasoline and diesel.

The train loading/unloading station has two rail tracks with a length of 340 metres. A block train of 24 wagons can be handled with expansion possibilities up to 30 wagons. With a capacity of 400 tonnes per hour, six wagons can simultaneously be loaded or discharged. BTT offers a 24 hours a day, seven days a week service to their customers and accordingly two block trains per day can be handled.

BTT has 34 storage tanks, with a total storage capacity of 200.000 cubic metre (cbm). Of this capacity 130.000 cbm is suitable for the storage of clean fuels and 70.000 for biodiesel and vegetable oils. The current occupancy of the storage capacity is high. BTT can expand the storage capacity to 750.000 cbm on the new reclaimed land that has been completed last year.

This state-of-the-art terminal with ample deep water berths and facilities for the transhipment and storage of a wide range of liquid bulk products. The 420-metre sea jetty is capable of handling two seagoing vessels of up to 115,000 DWT and two tank barges simultaneously. The water depth at the jetty varies from 13,65 metre on the south side to 15.00 metre on the north side. The occupancy at the jetty is low and as such BTT offers here customers short waiting times for ships calling the terminal and opportunities for ship to ship transfer.

Safety and environmental protection are a high priority at BTT and the company’s management system
has ISO 9001, ISO 14000, OSHAS 1800, AEO and ISCC certification.

HES International is shareholder of Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT).