BASF Expands Production of Paraffin Inhibitors at Tarragona Site
05.08.2024 By Tank Terminals - NEWS

May 08, 2024 [Fuels and Lubes]- BASF is set to increase the production capacity of its Basoflux paraffin inhibitors at its facility in Tarragona, Spain. This expansion is designed to address the rising global demand within the oil & gas industry, particularly for more environmentally friendly solutions like aqueous-based dispersion paraffin inhibitors and traditional solvent-based products. The first deliveries to customers are anticipated at the start of 2025.


Serge Ikink, new business development manager for Oilfield Chemicals at BASF, highlighted the innovation behind their products. “Through continuous innovation and investments, BASF reinforces its commitment to being a key player in the paraffin inhibitors market. We are successfully addressing a true market need with our innovative aqueous-based dispersion paraffin inhibitors. From a product standpoint, Basoflux are high-performing products that bring robust reliability in the application, which has led to customer trust even in the most challenging environments.”

The expansion comes at a crucial time as the industry shifts towards extracting more ‘challenging oil’ from depleted fields, which often have higher paraffin content that can clog infrastructure. Paraffin inhibitors are chemical additives used in the oil and gas industry to prevent the deposition of paraffin wax in production pipelines, equipment, and reservoirs. Paraffin wax can naturally occur in crude oil, and as the oil is extracted and transported, temperature and pressure changes can cause these waxes to solidify and build up. This buildup can lead to blockages, reduced oil flow, and increased maintenance costs and operational challenges.

The innovative formulations developed by BASF are aimed at enhancing oil flow and efficiency in production, crucially needed as ‘easy oil’ reserves dwindle.

Furthermore, the new Basoflux formulations produced in Tarragona will allow for significant reductions in solvent use at lower temperatures, promoting cost savings and greater resource efficiency. These advanced chemistries are tailored to not only improve operational efficiency but also reduce the environmental impact of oil extraction and processing.

BASF’s Oilfield Chemicals unit, part of the Performance Chemicals division, is known for providing a broad spectrum of high-quality chemicals for various oilfield applications, including drilling, cementing, stimulation, production additives, and enhanced oil recovery. The division also encompasses Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, Plastic Additives, and Mining Solutions, supporting a diverse range of industries from automotive to consumer goods with cutting-edge chemical solutions.


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