Logistical Performance Benchmarking

Making Intelligent Decisions

Oil traders and investors have to deal with a complex and fast changing business environment. In this blurred and volatile setting, they have to make intelligent decisions. These decisions have a substantial and direct impact on a trading company’s P&L and a trader’s performance bonus. Understanding changes in market dynamics and mastering the players in the logistical value chain is therefore essential.

Choosing a tank terminal to store your valuable oil and chemical liquids that fits your storage, operational and commercial requirements is not an easy task. Deep diving the internet, assessing if this information is up-to-data and getting your hands on reliable terminal data is a hideous and time consuming task. Accessing benchmarking information to compare the performance of terminals is even impossible.

Fortunately, we live in a world that is characterized by innovation and automation. Nowadays buzz words are real-time data, tracking data, big data and transparency. So there is a solution in the market that covers this need. There is software available that allows you to assess a terminal’s key characteristics, select a terminal based on its performance and contact the main decision makers of this facility.

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Benchmarking Marine Terminals On Logistical Performance

As an oil trader you would like to know which terminal operator offers you the operational excellence to make you sure you are able to lock in trading profits. Operational excellence needs to be quantified in Key Performance Indicators. For tank marine terminals, these indicators are the following:

a) Berth occupancy
b) Maritime gross trade
c) Visits
d) Visit duration
e) Maritime tank turns

These KPI’s give even more value when you, as an oil trader, are able to compare competing terminals with each other. Insights from this benchmark analysis answer questions such as: which terminals have long loading and discharging times so can I ship my products most efficiently, which berths are least occupied so I am able to handle my vessel as soon as possible and what terminals are busy.

TankTerminals.com, part of Insights Global, has been innovating its tank terminal software for the past decade. Our aim is to bring transparency and facilitate smart decision making in energy markets. TankTerminals.com software supports oil trading companies in:

a) Finding terminals that best fit their storage requirements
b) Benchmarking terminals on their logistical performance
c) Selecting the best performing terminal for your valuable liquids
d) Making smart commercial business decisions