Vessel Clearance Tool (VCT)

Vessel clearance is an important check in the vessel chartering process. Only cleared vessels are suitable for transporting your valuable goods. In the clearance process vessel characteristics are compared to terminal and jetty characteristics in order to see if the vessel fits the terminal. Other checks that are part of the clearance process are related to cargo/product compatibility (can the terminal or jetty handle certain products?) or checking if a vessel is allowed to load or discharge related to embargoes. The picture below gives a simplified version of the clearance process.

Via it is now possible to directly and automatically clear vessels. The service of Vessel Clearance Tool (VCT) has been integrated into our platform. This automated system has benefits for terminal operators and its clients.

VCT for terminal operators

Personnel at terminals are no longer required to clear vessels as this system automates this process. Clients of terminals can clear vessels through the integrated VCT at This is how it works:

  1. The client who wants to clear a vessel logs into
  2. In the specific terminal is looked up
  3. In the related Terminal Fact Sheet the button ‘Clear Vessel’ is clicked and this links to the Vessel Clearance Tool.
  4. In the VCT you can drag and drop the Q88 document and fill in any other relevant information related to the clearance.
  5. After finishing you will instantly get the clearance report in your screen and via email. You now know if the specific vessel can be handled by the terminal. The terminal also gets a copy of the clearance report.

This automated process means that no action is required from the terminal. Clients get the reports directly from the system. This saves terminal personnel a lot of time and trouble reducing workload and stress levels.

Sign up for the VCT

The VCT needs to be set up for each terminal that wants to benefit from this automated system. The fees related to set-up and access to the VCT are a fraction of the costs related to doing the job manually.

If you are interested in reducing workload and stress at your terminal? Please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch to work out an offer.

VCT for product owners

Clients at terminals like traders also benefit from this system. They are able to clear vessels whenever they like and get clearance reports instantly from the system. This saves a lot of emailing and chasing after clearance reports. Finally you can focus on important issues instead of getting all required documents together.

By registering for a FREE subscription you can benefit from the VCT without any costs.

In the ideal situation all terminals would be set-up and would enable automatic vessel clearance. However, because the VCT is a new service not all terminals are set up yet. If your terminal isn’t set up please visit the specific terminal in and indicate your interest in setting up the VCT at the terminal by clicking on the ‘Request VCT Setup’ button in the Terminal Fact Sheet. This request will be sent to the specific terminal operator.