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How to increase the safety of terminal operations by digitalizing the exchange of documentation pre-arrival of a vessel (without calling nor emailing).

ISGOTT 6 made the exchange of pre-arrival information more extensive and mandatory. But that does not mean this multi-staged process must go slow nor be prone to human errors. >>> Download our Ship Shore Safety Checklist brochure to see how to bring shipping companies, surveyors, and port authorities on the same page, and at the same time, while increasing safety when loading or discharging.

  • Eliminate the risks associated to paper processes
  • Input vessel and terminal data digitally
  • Enables real-time coordination before arrival, discharge and loading.
  • Decrease turn-around-time and human-factor errors
  • Generates digital files of important documents
  • All in one built-for-purpose and easy to use system
ISGOTT 6-Compliant Ship Shore Safety Check List

Paper is risky and time consuming

Reduce turn-around-time for a vessel by digitally inputting terminal and vessel data.

Pre-arrival information exchange’s SSSCL System has been adapted so that the vessel has multiple options to submit its pre-arrival information.

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