Products and Services Portfolio

Besides our global database on tank terminal assets, PJK International, the parent company of, offers a full scale of products and services portfolio to support our clients in becoming more successful. Our products and services include:

  1. Market Reports
  2. Oil Academy
  3. Consultancy Services
  4. Media Services

1 Market reports

2 Oil academy

When you are interested in the oil industry and that specific knowledge is necessary for your job? Then our two-day course will provide you tools on the ever-changing market conditions of the international oil trade. During the sessions, we will familiarize you with the most important themes that apply to the oil industry. Themes that will be covered are the North West European market structure, Refining Economics, Risk Management, Barge Economics, Oil Prices, Oil futures contracts, Arbitrage and Spread Trading.

3 Consultancy Services

Insights Global, has a long-lasting track record in conducting consultancy assignments in the international oil and petrochemical sector. Our company has worked numerous times as a member of a Commercial Due Diligence project team where the value of an investment opportunity had to be assessed.

Commercial Due Diligence

When an investment opportunity arises, its value must be assessed for the purpose of formulating an investment bid. Insights Global has been assigned to various CDD project teams in order to model potential revenue streams, risks and market potential.

4 Media Services offers an outstanding additional communication channel. has an average website activity of 190.000 sessions per year and our newsletter is viewed by more than 2,500 people in the business every week. This makes our portal an excellent channel for you to sell your products.