WTI Crude Oil Forecast: Gives Up The Opening Surge
10.27.2022 By TankTerminals.com - NEWS

October 27, 2022 [MENAFN] – This is a very interesting market now, because the recent cutback of production by OPEC of 2 million barrels per day seems to have had minimal impact.


This shows just how concerned people are about the global economy, as the global economy runs on crude oil. The idea of course being that if there is a lot of economic activity, there will be a lot of shipping and transportation, which of course demands a lot of crude oil.Waiting for a“Fade the Rally” Situation

Now that we have failed at the 50-Day , it suggests that we are going to continue to see more of a“fade the rally” type of situation, at least in the short term. However, if we were to break above the 50-Day EMA, that cuts in this market higher. In that move, I would be looking for crude oil to go looking toward the 200-Day EMA, which is roughly $92 or so. On the downside, we could be looking at a move down to the $80 level if we continue to see a lot of negativities.

You can see that I have a channel drawn on the chart that we had thrown over previously, and now it looks like we are trying to jump back into it. If it’s going to be the case, we should continue to see a lot of negativities but it must be said that oil has been absolutely crushed over the last several months. If there is a lot of fear out there, oil is going to struggle to catch a serious longer-term bid. If you read my analysis yesterday, you know I talked about the possibility of going sideways, and this candlestick does suggest that the very least that we are not going to be going higher in the short term based upon price action.

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