Sinopec Launches Yangpu Oil Products Terminal
03.11.2019 - NEWS

March 11, 2019 [Seatrade Maritime News] - Sinopec (Hong Kong) Yangpu product oil terminal is located at Yangpu economic development zone in Hainan.

The first phase project has four specialized product oil berths, including one 100,000 tonnes-class berth, two 50,000 tonnes-class berths and one 10,000 tonnes-class berth. The annual oil products turnover volume will reach around 15m tons, and the annual handling capacity will be 27.41m tons.

The terminal will provide product oil supply to Hong Kong and for the company’s expansion in Southeast Asia.

Sinopec (Hong Kong) Limited is 100% owned by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec). The core business of the company is trading petroleum, diesel oil, aviation fuel, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas in Hong Kong and other areas around Hong Kong.

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