Petersburg Oil Terminal Handled 2.06 Million Tonnes of Cargo in 3M'22, Almost Flat Year-on-Year
04.18.2022 By Ricardo Perez - NEWS

April 18, 2022 [PortNews] – The company marks the decrease in handling of light oil products


In January-March 2022, Petersburg Oil Terminal (POT) handled 2.06 million tonnes of cargo, which is comparable to the result achieved in the same period of the previous year (2.02 million tonnes), says the stevedore.

The company marks the decrease in handling of light oil products.

Dark oil products made the bulk of POT throughput (1.3 million tonnes) and demonstrated a 15-pct growth versus January-March 2021. Handling of light oil products totaled 0.7 million tonnes, 15% less than in January-March 2021.

POT reminds that modernization of its ‘old’ part which was officially kicked off in September 2021 is underway. Obsolete storage facilities fitted with soviet-time equipment will be replaced with a modern complex of similar capacity for transshipment of oil products.

Contractors are currently conducting piling works to prepare a field for a tank farm, railway overpass and infrastructure facilities. The tanks will be built with application of double-wall tank technology virtually eliminating the risk of oil spills.

The project is being implemented under an agreement on strategic investment projects signed by Saint-Petersburg Government and Petersburg Oil Terminal in 2021. The terminal was given a status of a strategic investor into the city economy and the project obtained a status of a strategic investment project of Saint-Petersburg.

The terminal modernization will let generate new jobs of high qualification, increase city budget revenues and improve the port’s environmental safety .

Petersburg Oil Terminal is one of Russia’s terminals for transshipment of oil products in the Baltic Region. It is an advanced transshipment facility and one of the largest stevedoring companies of Big Port St. Petersburg. POT offers a hi-tech acceptance of oil products delivered by railway, river and road transport as well as shipment of oil products by road transport, sea-going ships and bunkering vessels.

The terminal established in 1995 covers the area of 37 hectares and numbers 37 tanks for light and dark oil products. Its annual capacity is 10 million tonnes. In 2021, POT shipped over 9 million tonnes of oil products. In 2021, POT was given a status of a strategic investor into the city economy which confirms high interest of the city in this project.

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