Okianus Terminal Expansion Will Guarantee Import of 16,000 Tons of LPG
11.29.2021 - NEWS

November 29, 2021 [today in-24] – The infrastructure expansion works at Okianus Terminals were inaugurated, with which the self-sufficiency of the national market for GLP with imported product.


Alejandro Martínez Villegas, president of the Colombian LPG Association – Gasnova, stated that “in this way the expansion project (Stage II) of the port that guarantees the national supply of LPG is put into operation.”

According to Sergio Corena, General Manager of Okianus Terminals, this port infrastructure with its main headquarters in the industrial zone of Mamonal, in the city of Cartagena, is specialized in the storage of liquids and LPG.

“We offer logistical and port support services for all types of liquid bulk, in a sustainable way, with highly trained personnel; as in this case with the Stage II expansion, where we seek to facilitate the means for the importation of LPG based on the projected deficit for the national market ”.

The initial storage capacity of this terminal was 400,000 gallons (700 tons, approximately), but with the so-called Stage II – Expansion Project, the storage capacity is increased by 1 million gallons, for a total of 1.4 million gallons. (2,600 tons).

With this new capacity, Okianus guarantees monthly imports of up to 16,000 tons. The works were developed by Okianus Terminals and the G5 Consortium, made up of the companies Norgas, Chilco Distribuidora de Gas y Energía, Vidagas – Empresas Gasco, Almagas and Montagas, which are part of the Colombian LPG Association – Gasnova.

“The expansion of this terminal contributes to ensuring the supply of a fuel that is key to the energy transition, a policy that we have been leading from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, because it reduces CO2 emissions by 21% and the number of particulate matter. by 81%. Furthermore, due to its physical properties, it is a versatile fuel that can be used in homes for cooking food, generating energy and for more sustainable transportation ”, said the Vice Minister of Energy, Miguel Lotero.

Likewise, in this terminal the positions for loading tank trucks are increased from 5 to 10 positions, which doubles the evacuation capacity during the peaks in which it is necessary to increase the imports of LPG that are required to meet the needs of the national market .

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