NuStar Expanding Texas Fuel Pipeline to Mexico
06.17.2019 - NEWS

June 17, 2019 [Argus Media] – NuStar will double the size of its 45,000 b/d fuel pipeline system connecting south Texas to northern Mexico by the end of September, the company said today.

The company today began seeking binding shipping commitments for up to 90pc of the planned additional 45,000 b/d of capacity on the system moving fuel from Corpus Christi to destinations along the Texas border with the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The remaining 10pc of the expansion would be available to walk-up shippers.
NuStar will bring the 198-mile system to 90,000 b/d through a planned 75-mile loop of a pipeline segment between Seeligson and Edinburg. Binding commitments for the additional capacity are due by 4pm ET on 12 July.

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