Judge OKs US Govt Request for $600K Purchase of 2 Fuel Tanks
04.18.2019 - NEWS

April 18, 2019 [Saipantribune.com] – U.S. District Court for the NMI designated Judge David O. Carter has approved the U.S. government’s request for a project with a budget of $600,000 to purchase, ship, and install two horizontal cylindrical tanks for the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s Power Plant 4 in Puerto Rico, on Saipan.


This project will replace the current corroded horizontal cylindrical tanks with new shop-fabricated tanks of 20,000-gallon capacity each.

Carter said the two newly installed horizontal cylindrical tanks are expected to be fully functional at the completion of the CUC project.

The project will be funded by Court Registry Account.

U.S. Department of Justice Environmental Enforcement Section senior trial attorney Bradley R. O’Brien informed the court last Friday that work on the project will be done by the court-appointed Engineering and Environmental Management Company.

O’Brien said the U.S. government, CUC, and the CNMI government proposed that the project will be funded through the Court Registry Account.

He said Power Plant 4 bulk fuel storage for diesel oil used in power generation is facilitated by four aboveground storage tanks set within a common secondary containment (tank farm) upslope from Power Plant 4.

Within the tank farm, he said, there are two vertical cylindrical tanks and two horizontal cylindrical tanks.

O’Brien said Carter inspected these tanks during the January 2019 status conference.


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