First Live Listings on the Terminal Marketplace
07.18.2022 - NEWS

July 18, 2022 [ & Matrix Global] – In the second quarter of this year, Matrix Global and Insights Global / jointly launched the Terminal Marketplace.


This platform enables tank terminal market players to post capacity anonymously, enquire about storage capacity, and bid, counteroffer, and transact tank storage capacity.

The aim is to make it much easier for all players in this market to do business. The system opens more business opportunities through digitized communication and negotiation, increased execution speed, and more transparency.

We have engaged with many players acting in the tank storage market in the past months. There is a lot of interest, and many players have gained access to the demo environment to get familiar with the system. We have been and still are very excited about this development that brings our combined mission “to improve terminal market efficiency” a step closer.

Last week the first players decided to use the live system and list on the Terminal Marketplace. The listings relate to tank terminals in Europe and the United States of America which makes it a truly global platform, just like the two partners have envisioned.

These listings are a significant milestone for the roll-out of the system. This event underlines that the system is ready for execution and fit for purpose. But we will not stop here. We will focus on getting all relevant players on the platform as soon as possible to arrive at a situation that creates maximum value for all participants.

If you want to learn more about or if you wish to access the Terminals Marketplace, please get in touch with a team member. Contact details can be found below.



Chris Del Vecchio   

Chief Commercial Officer  

Matrix Global  

C: +1 203-218-9098 


Richard Redoglia  

Chief Executive Officer  

Matrix Global  

C: +1 858-204-5122  



Michael Muijen  

Sales and Account Manager


C: +31 (0)6-283487884  



Patrick Kulsen  

Managing Director  


C: +31 (0)6-14440590  


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