China’s CNOOC Plans New LNG Terminals, 5.4 mln Cubic Metre Storage Tanks
04.08.2019 - NEWS

April 8, 2019 [Hellenic Shipping News] – China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) said on Tuesday it plans to add a total of 5.4 million cubic metres of storage tanks for liquefied natural gas as it plans new reception terminals for the super-chilled fuel along the country’s east coast by 2022 to meet growing demand.

The state oil and gas firm, China’s largest investor in LNG terminals and the country’s biggest LNG importer, is building new reception facilities in the northern province of Hebei, eastern provinces of Jiangsu, Fujian and Shandong, and expanding one existing facility at the northern port of Tianjin, according to a CNOOC presentation at the LNG 2019 conference taking place in Shanghai.

CNOOC did not disclose the annual capacity for the planned new terminals.

China, which has since 2017 become the world’s No.2 LNG buyer after Japan, currently operates 21 receiving terminals with total annual capacity of 67 million tonnes.

CNOOC’s expansion plan – part of which was previously announced – will bring the country’s total number of LNG terminals to 26.

Below lists CNOOC’s new terminals and storage facility plans according to the Shanghai presentation.

(Storage is given in the number of tanks by tank size in 1,000 cubic metres, e.g. 6*220 = six tanks each sized 220,000 cubic metres)

Location          Developer             Current tank     Storages
                                         storages         under
 Tianjin           CNOOC, Tianjin Port   2*30, 1*160      6*220/2021
 Yancheng,Jiangsu  CNOOC , Huainan                        4*220/2021
 Zhangzhou,        CNOOC, Fujian I&D                      3*160/2022
 Fujian            Group                                  
 Longkou,          CNOOC, Longkou Port,                   6*220/2022
 Shandong          Nanshan Group                          
 Yantai, Shandong  CNOOC, Poly GCL                        3*200/2022
 Tangshan, Hebei   CNOOC, Hebei Construction &Investment  4*200/2022
                   Group, Caofeidian Development Group    

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