Adriatic LNG Plans to Expand its Rovigo Terminal’s Capacity to 9 bcm/year
09.14.2020 - NEWS

September 14, 2020 [Tank News International] – GNL Rovigo, which is operated by Adriatic LNG, has submitted plans to expand capacity at the site from 8 bcm to 9 bcm a year.

If approved, the modifications will mean send out capacity at the terminal, (which is Italy’s largest LNG terminal, 70% owned by ExxonMobil, 23% by Qatar Petroleum and 7% by Italian gas grid operator Snam), will be increased from a current 21.7 million cu m/d to 26 million cu m/d, close to the 26.4 million cu m/d capacity of the entry point to the grid at Cavarzere.

The plans consist of operational adjustments rather than physical modifications – they have been submitted to the country’s Environment Ministry before a possible environmental impact assessment.

According to the submitted documents, some of the existing back-up equipment will be pressed into full-time service with two of the three turbines in operation and a third on standby.

Adriatic LNG recently carried out modifications allowing it to receive the large Q-flex sized tankers, capable of discharging 217,000 cu m of LNG. These have five day-slots at the site, compared with 175,000 cu m vessels, which have six day-slots. The offshore terminal has two onboard 125,000 cu m storage tanks.

With the proposed modifications, the site will be able to handle up to 103 conventional-sized or 68 large scale carriers a year. The terminal received its first Q-Flex from Qatar in June.


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