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How to Find Storage For Your Bulk Liquid Cargo Thanks to a 24/7-Access Platform That Has More Than 6,400 Legitimately-Established Tank Terminals

Specifically created for traders, brokers, and bulk liquid product owners who aim to speed up the process of finding and contacting the storage terminals that…

…not only are qualified to handle their bulk liquid cargo, but also in a position to maximise their profit margins.

About The Free Webinar

Join our webinar to learn how a 3-steps methodology will help you find tank terminals that not only can store your products but also…

…maximizes your profits due its high operational performance; also known as low rates in both berth occupancy and waiting time or average ships visits per week, throughput and tank turns:

  1. Quickly find the tank terminals that can store your bulk liquid cargo and that are located in the area you need to move your cargo to
  2. Spot the tank terminals prone to give you greater margins thanks to an in 1-one screen comparison tool that reveals infrastructural and logistical KPIs
  3. Directly contact the manager-level personnel that are in a position to handle your storage requirements

TankTerminals.com is a database with more than 6,400 tank storage facilities that store crude, petroleum products, chemicals, LNG, LPG, biofuel, vegetable oils (among others)…

… and in which you will also find contact details of manager-level personnel to directly handle your storage enquiries:

  1. See sample: Energy Transfer – HFOTCO
Duration: 30 minutes

A must-attend for:

  • Product Owners
  • Traders
  • Brokers

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September 8, 2021 4:00 pm

Meet the Host

Greta Talmaci

Sales Executive
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I am managing director at PJK International and Downstream/PortStorage Group, collectively belonging to the Insights Global brand. I am responsible for the daily and long term business of the whole group.