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How to increase your sales by finding highly qualified tank terminals leads in under 5 clicks
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About The Free Webinar

Join our webinar to see a 3-steps methodology that will help your company sell more equipment or services to tank terminals:

  1. Size a potential market by understanding the business potential of the regions you want to market
  2. Group relevant storage facilities based on their location, storage portfolio, tank storage capacity, number of tanks, access modes and much more
  3. Start your sales conversations faster than before thanks to the ready-for-contact data in each terminal page

TankTerminals.com is a database with more than 6,750 tank storage facilities, such as tank terminals, petroleum refineries, olefin plants, chemical sites, vegetable oil refineries, LNG liquefaction plants, CPE terminals and other storage sites.

During the webinar you will also see the lead generation mechanisms we offer to companies that sell products and services to tank terminals and other types of storage facilities.

We will show you how our responsive advertisement opportunities can help you get leads.

All of which is made possible thanks to both a website that attracts more than 7,000 visits per month and an email list of thousands of manager-level personnel working for tank storage facilities.

Duration: 30 minutes

A must-attend for:

  • Equipment suppliers
  • Service providers

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October 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Meet the Hostess

Greta Talmaci

Sales Executive
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I am responsible for the frontend strategy, thus improving the marketing funnel of the company. In addition, I am also responsible for building relationships with external parties and ensuring that the company provides the best quality data.