New Mobil Diesel Storage Tank Opens
12.03.2018 - NEWS

December 3, 2018 [Post Courier] - Mobil Oil opened its new storage tank yesterday at its Idubada terminal in Port Moresby. The construction of the new storage tank allows for more fuel to be stored in the country and will significantly improve supply reliability across Papua New Guinea.

Bruce A Sutherland, Executive Director, Fuels, Indonesia & Pacific Islands said “Mobil is very excited about the growth opportunities here in Papua New Guinea and will continue to fund ongoing investments”.

These investments are required to meet PNG’s growing fuel demand and to make sure that the robust pipeline of resource in mining projects are appropriately supplied,” he said

We’re committed to doing that reliably and making sure that we got a sustained supply of refined fuels into the country.”

ExxonMobil PNG managing director Andrew Barry said, “The new storage tank is a great extension of our facility and demonstrate ExxonMobil’s ongoing commitment to new investment and prosperity of the fuel market in Papua New Guinea.

One of the key elements of what we do across all of the activities that we are involved in, is about how we ensure that we provide effective and efficient energy into PNG,” he said

It’s exciting to see that we’ve got more investment here in the facilities and be able to again improve the flexibility to prove reliable supply and we’ve been in country for almost a hundred years doing that.

The new diesel storage tank is stationed aboveground and has the capacity to hold 5.6million liters of diesel which is enough to fill 93, 000 cars. The fuel for the storage tanks comes from ExxonMobil’s refinery in Singapore. With the additional tank, there are now five fuel tanks altogether at the terminal.

ExxonMobil PNG and Mobil are affiliates of ExxonMobil Corporation which is the largest privately owned gas company in PNG.

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