January Crude Lifting from CPC Marine Terminal
02.11.2019 - NEWS

February 11, 2019 [Kaz Inform] - In January 2019, the CPC Marine Terminal (MT) loaded 5,612,196 gross tons (44,526,503 barrels) of crude oil, which is 763,904 tons (almost 16%) more than over the same period last year. Its single point moorings loaded 53 tankers, which is just 2 tankers less than during the previous month when the CPC team set a new monthly loading record at 5,954,994 tons of crude oil (47,142,565 bbls). The January loading schedule was fully met.

Out of the 5,612,196 tons lifted in January, 2,635,209 tons of crude oil came from the Tengiz field, 929,178 tons from Karachaganak, 1,247,823 tons from Kashagan and 83,847 tons from other Kazakhstani producers, the CPC informs on its website.

The Kazakhstani shippers shipped a total of 4,896,057 tons of crude oil in January, with another 716,139 tons of crude oil coming from Russia. 588,234,059 net tons of crude oil were delivered to world markets via the Tengiz-Novorossiysk pipeline system in total from 2001 through 31 January 2019. 511,965,426 tons of that oil came from from Kazakhstan and 76,268,633 tons of “black gold” were produced in Russia.


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